Makerzone opens at The Factory

Amanda Livh
October 8, 2020

Makerzone is a new creative meeting space for learning technology in interaction with practical areas. Makerzone is located in Häggvik and is an initiative by Sollentuna municipality and the technology investment company Wellstreet.

The primary intention of Makerzone is to provide a space for school activities of students and educators. It is possible to conduct lessons in a creative and open environment that promotes learning by digital or physical exploration, frequently in groups. The classes at Makerzone will contribute to achieving the goals in the curriculum and the space is accessible from preschool classes to high school.

The purpose is to discover and create. Makerzone will cater to the creative desire for interaction with technology.

“We work with technology in interaction with, for example, handicraft, music, film and poetry. At the same time, students get to develop an approach to technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship. This is exactly where I think we will contribute a lot with our school operations,” says Maria Franzén, operations manager and IT educator at Makerzone.

An open and creative meeting space

In the long term, the plan is for Makerzone to be open to all municipality residents in the form of a meeting space for workshops, training, inspiration, and collaboration. Meetings with representatives from various companies for the exchange of experience in entrepreneurship are also an essential part of Makerzone's offering.

Currently, Makerzone follows the Public Health Agency's guidelines and has adapted the operation to deal with COVID-19.

“It feels fantastic that we offer a unique, creative and open meeting space where we, to begin with, can invite municipal and independent schools in Sollentuna. There is a great opportunity for development and to try out the material that is in place here. For example, 3D printers, various robots, VR glasses and a craft hall,” says Soley Aksöz Lithborn (M), chairman of the education committee.

One of the goals is to stimulate curiosity about innovation and sustainable societal development.

“We are proud and happy that we can contribute with the exchange of experience between the young technology companies that are connected to Wellstreet and Sollentuna's children and young people. They can act as mentors and teach an approach that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship,” says Mikael Wintzell, co-founder and CEO of Wellstreet.

About Makerzone

Makerzone is run by Sollentuna municipality together with the company Wellstreet. Both municipal and independent schools and preschools are welcome. Makerzone is run in a project format and will run until 2022.

The premises are large and open. The area of 400 square meters enables several parallel projects and workshops. Informal meetings and exhibitions can also take place at the atrium of the building.