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Our ambition is that The Factory will become the Nordic region's largest center for innovation, both in tech but also for other types of innovative companies. The large glass building is strategically located in Sollentuna between Stockholm and Arlanda. A stone's throw from the building you will find Häggvik's train station, the E4 motorway and the upcoming Förbifart Stockholm.

But The Factory is more than a place for companies to grow and contribute to Stockholm's technological growth. The strategic partnerships with Sollentuna Municipality and the local community give us the opportunity to also contribute to the urban and property development of the area, which will benefit generations to come.

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About The Factory

With a sharp start in 2019, companies such as DanAds, Hackberry, Qleara, Wellstreet with its accelerator powered by Google for Startups and others made The Factory their home. And it really took off as the new decade kicked off. As of Q1 2020, circa 1000 people will move around at The Factory and fill the premises with life, ambition and a lot of creative energy.

Even before you enter The Factory there is a lot to see. As Sweden's first double-glazed building, this crescent-shaped giant of 14,200 square meters is an architectural masterpiece. The Factory is located in Sollentuna, a stone's throw from Häggvik station, the E4 and soon from Förbifart Stockholm.

The building was built in 2002 by AP Real Estate to become the new ABB Business Center. The second tenant was TDC, which was later acquired by Tele2.

what's around here

an innovation workshop for children

In 2020, Sollentuna Municipality and Wellstreet started the innovation workshop Makerzone at The Factory. Makerzone is a creative meeting place, where all Sollentuna's students can come to explore new areas and challenge themselves in digital creation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and problem-solving. What makes Makerzone unique in Sweden is that the workshop is located in a building together with many innovative young and successful business.

With an inclusive creative environment and experienced pedagogical supervisors, the Education Office and Wellstreet want to create the conditions to meet the challenges of the future in technology and social issues. The target group is Sollentuna's children, pupils and young people in both municipal and independent schools, and in the long term also the general public.

The Factory Gym

The summer of 2020 we opened our very own The Factory Gym. This gym is mainly built for making it easier for our busy tenants to work out and be healthier without wasting commute time. But also, to be able to have more fun together with a colleague, because who doesn’t love a sweaty workout?

The gym is equipped with:

  • Cardio machines
  • Strength machines
  • Free weights
  • Area for functional training

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 06:00 until 20:00

Do you have any questions for us? Hit us with an email at gym@factorysthlm.com.

We hope you are as excited about this gym as we are! See you there!