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Our mission is to help create and develop businesses away from the loud city buzz by providing an empowering and accessible environment to a creative community of people who value work/life balance

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Welcome to The Factory - 14,200 square meters of glasshouse bursting with innovation! A local ecosystem with global reach and the ambition to give the new generation of entrepreneurs the opportunity, space and inspiration to build profitable and sustainable companies for a better future for all. Developed by the innovation group Wellstreet, this (quite large!) Building houses lots of cool spaces, coworking, event rooms, restaurant, gym Makerzone and above all a lovely atmosphere. Come by and say hi!

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Benefits of the Coworking



In an atmosphere that gathers an inspiring and inventive community, you have access to connectivity, networking and ideas as an opportunity to expand your business.



Let's be honest, we all need that power coffee in the morning or to heat up that nice lunch we prepared at home. Or just have a nice fika and meet fellow entrepreneurs!

Flex or Fixed desk

Flex or fixed desk

Adaptability is the feature for the modern entrepreneurship and we have you covered. Whether you need your own desk or you like different views of the office, you're at home here.



Yep! That's right! Come get your tan while enjoying our fast WiFi, take a break from work with some fresh air or a nice outdoor lunch. Just come!

Meeting rooms

Tell me how you still prefer to work from a café when you need to hold that important meeting! What about that awesome whiteboard to draw your business' roadmap?



I'm sure you're a grown-up who can clean after yourself, but it makes a world of difference in your productivity to have a safe and clean environment to focus on the work.

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Coworking Benefits

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