Community Guidelines

We <3 everyone!

At The Factory, we advocate for people who like to create together with others. Gender, orientation, ethnicity, age, etc., are quite unimportant to us, and we would like it to be for you too so that everyone feels welcome and included!

Off limits!

We strive to create a safe environment that everyone can enjoy. Therefore, pets and smoking are something we do not allow at The Factory. Of course, all forms of discrimination and harassment are also things that are never ok!

Mind (y)our space!

The Factory is a shared space that works best when everyone helps. Always make sure you tidy up a space you used so we won't have to do it for each other!

Be kind & curious!

It’s quite fun to get to know new friends, right? Be sure to say hello when you come across someone new at The Factory, we love helping to create new relationships!

Be respectful!

We look forward to seeing you join the many lively conversations that take place at The Factory every day, but be aware of your surroundings since people around you can sit in important phone calls or with urgent deadlines. If you need to let the conversation burst out (which we encourage!) you can always go to the restaurant, lounge, kitchen or elsewhere where people are not working!